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OPK Solutions Collabs With THE BRKN To Create Band Website And Press Kit

OPK Solutions is happy to announce our newest member to the family, THE BRKN.

THE BRKN - OPK Solutions

THE BRKN is a high energy Pop Punk band out of Denver, Colorado. Led by front-man guitarist and lead singer Jacob Cabe, THE BRKN unite listeners through a primal and powerful punked-up take on rock ‘n’ roll meant to be chanted loudly. Touted by everyone from Brave Words to Highwire Daze upon arrival in 2019, the Colorado band tap into a universal feeling on their independent debut EP, THE BRKN No. 3.

Check out their debut single "Your Existence" from No. 3

OPK Solutions helped THE BRKN establish a web presence focused on promoting their music while at the same time building a new fan base with custom subscription forms and email campaigns launched from a musician centered platform. Additionally, OPK Solutions created a stunning music electronic press kit to promote their band to various festival events around the United States.

For more information go to www.opksolutions.com to see what we can do for your music career.

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