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Devil Land Enlists OPK Solutions to Create Band Press Kit

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

OPK Solutions is excited to announce we have yet landed another high profile band to use our professional band and artist press kit and music promotion service. Devil Land has enlisted OPK Solutions to create their custom band press kit to promote their new band and self-titled album, Devil Land.

Lead vocalist Shawn Jaxx performs as front-man for the new original heavy metal band DEVIL LAND. "Devil Land represents pure metal brutality with melodic hooks and vocals equal to razor blades cutting through glass. Our sound is like brushing your teeth with antifreeze. Orgasmic metal that will never leave your senses," states Jaxx.

The lead guitarist, David Shankle, is well known as a legendary guitar virtuoso and master instructor, often referred to as David “The Shred Demon” Shankle. David is one of the most respected and talented composer/guitarists shredding up the metal scene today. He is well known for playing 7 string over-the-neck scales, incredibly fast arpeggios and string skipping, along with mastering a multiplicity of other guitar techniques. David was a former member of the highly successful heavy metal band Manowar from 1988 to 1994, playing on the epic album The Triumph of Steel (1992) and co-writing Master of the Wind, The Burning, Ride the Dragon and Demon’s Whip.

About Devil Land

Devil Land is a heavy metal pounding, guitar ripping powerhouse based out of Chicago, Illinois and lead by vocalist frontman Shawn Jaxx and the legendary shred master David Shankle. Devil Land will release their debut self-titled album, Devil Land, worldwide in 2017 on Metal Lightning Entertainment.

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