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Pop Singer Daniella Hires OPK Solutions To Create Artist Press Kit

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

OPK Solutions is pleased to announce our newest client, Daniella. OPK Solutions has been tasked with the design and management of her professional artist press kit.

Daniella came to OPK Solutions through our partners, Artist Event Management of Syracuse, NY and Sweden Music Group, Inc. of Sweden. Our online press kit is the perfect solution to a talented multi-genre singer, songwriter and live performer. Additionally, we had the privilege to design and create a combination music one sheet and sponsorship page to assist in promoting pre-production studio recording for her upcoming debut album, a 2016 release of her new album and promotional marketing of a 2016 tour in support of her new album.

See Daniella's Official Video, Bring Me Home.

About Daniella

Daniella is a successful international singer and songwriter from Slovakia performing under the artist name Daniella de Angelos. Her wide-ranging vocals and incredible stage performance continues to captivate audiences throughout Europe.

In 2011, Daniella was asked to record with DJ Mr. Chi, Dezavu and Hip Hop/Rap artist Lyrical Eye on the song Feel It, which she performed lead vocals, wrote lyrics and arranged some of the melody. In 2012, Feel It became a #1 hit with Star FM Greece and Get Mixed FM Netherlands.

In 2012, Daniella recorded the single Nothing Else But Love with Dj Solo and Seagate. Once again, Daniella's talents provided dynamic vocals, along with writing contributions. The song became a #1 hit on MTV Cyprus, 5 On Top and extensive play on MTV Cyprus, Mix FM Cyprus and Radio France.

In 2013, Daniella followed up with Bring Me Home, which again became a #1 single and had extensive play topping the charts on MTV Cyprus, 5 On Top.

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