Payment Policy

OPK Solutions Payment Terms and Policies

WIX Services​

OPK Solutions uses WIX, a leading cloud-based development platform, for designing or re-designing our client's websites and digital marketing platform. Our billable services for website design and build DOES NOT include the cost of the WIX yearly hosting plan, WIX upgrades to hosting plans, domain name purchases or yearly domain name fees, add-on apps, or any costs associated with a third-party to add to your website platform. These purchases must be made by the WIX account holder using a valid payment method kept on file. OPK Solutions DOES NOT have access to financial information within your WIX account. The personal information and data the Buyer provides to WIX is encrypted and secured by WIX. Any accounts derived with WIX are in agreement between the Buyer and the WIX terms of use and WIX privacy policy. We do not pay for any services in advance unless otherwise stated in our contract with the Buyer.

Other Services

OPK Solution offers other services that are billable hours or billable services that are directly related to the service and do not require additional financial agreements with a third-party service to complete our services. 

PayPal Services

Credit Card Payments

OPK Solutions uses a third-party invoice payment processing service via PayPal Business. Invoices are emailed to the Buyer and payments can be made directly to OPK Solutions with all major credit cards and debit cards. OPK Solutions does not have access to your credit card information and does not accept credit card information over the phone or via other forms of communication such as email or text messaging. Each Buyer is responsible for providing financial information to PayPal to pay for our products and services; and, the responsibility of protecting the sensitivity of credit card or debit card account information.


PayPal is responsible for the security of Cardholder Data that is collected, transmitted, stored, or processed on your behalf. “Cardholder Data” is defined as being the cardholder’s primary account number, a full unmasked card number is present, any of the cardholder name, expiration date, and/or service code. PayPal has developed strict security features to protect Cardholder Data, and as such it is required that this data only be used in anticipated ways and stored in appropriate places.


YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT YOU ARE PROHIBITED FROM ENTERING CARDHOLDER DATA INTO ANY FORM OR DATA ENTRY FIELDS IN THE PAYPAL APPS, EXCEPT INTO THOSE FIELDS INTENDED SOLELY FOR THAT PURPOSE (i.e. where PayPal explicitly requests such data be entered into such fields). Appropriate fields are clearly marked with labels such as ‘Card number’ or by having a credit card icon precede them.


For clarity, it is not permissible to store cardholder data in fields with labels such as ‘memo’ or ‘note’. Similarly, excluding payment forms, you must never enter CVV2 data into any fields in the PayPal Apps. You assume all responsibility for any cardholder data entered into the PayPal Apps in violation of this Agreement.

  • The credit card information supplied is true, correct and complete.

  • Charges incurred by the Buyer will be honored by the Buyer's credit card Service Provider.

  • Buyer will indemnify Service Provider for any credit card charge-back filed by or on behalf of the Buyer.

  • Buyer understands that in the event a credit card charge-back is filed, Buyers account will be placed with a third party collection agency.

  • Buyer shall pay charges incurred by Buyer at the amounts in effect at the time incurred, including all applicable taxes, collection fees, interest and any additional fee incurred by the Service Provider in the attempt to collect upon Buyer’s debt.


Also, you are responsible for​: 

  • all information to be true and accurate.

  • charges incurred by your credit card.

  • third party collections.

  • any other applicable fees incurred that we may incur while collecting a debt from you.

Payment Terms for All Services

OPK Solutions offers a proposal to each and every Buyer. If the Buyer agrees to the proposal, the Buyer is required to make at least a 50% down payment before any services can begin.

  • Some services such as a WIX platform may require payment in full. These services must be paid in full before any additional services can be issued. Example: WIX platform requires an additional payment through WIX to use certain features. OPK Solutions does not pay for additional services on behalf of the Buyer. Buyer must pay for any additional services through those third party providers.

  • If a remaining balance exists, the remaining original balance (50%) is due by the Buyer upon completion of services under the original proposed and agreed upon contract. Any additional add-ons approved by the Buyer during the creative phase will be added to the final bill. No finished products or services will be distributed until the Buyer’s entire payment is received in full.

  • If final remaining balance is not received within thirty (30) days of completion date, Buyer understands and agrees that OPK Solutions may charge an additional 10% late payment fee starting on the thirty-first (31) day and will charge an additional 10% late payment fee per month thereafter.

  • After the second month the Buyer will not be able to order any additional services and any associated services will be disabled until payment of the entire balance due. If the Buyer’s services become disabled for non-payment, a fifty dollar ($50.00) re-activation fee will be added to the Buyer’s account, but the service will not be re-activated until the entire remaining balance is paid in full.

  • Buyer understands and agrees to all applicable fees acquired due to wire transfers and online processing fees, either domestic or foreign. Wire transfer fees will vary depending on the financial entity and additional fees may incur as result of the exchange and/or transfer of funds between foreign financial institutions. Online payment processing requires a fee of 2.9% of the total sale plus $0.30.

  • We will only accept payments as per our payment requirements, which includes PayPal Business online payment processing. Personal checks, money orders, and certified checks are not accepted. OPK Solutions uses PayPal Business as our preferred online invoicing payment system and does not accept other forms of online payments. All forms of debit and credit payments are accepted.

  • OPK Solutions also uses PayPal financing to offer special payment terms on qualified purchases and upon credit approval. We are not responsible for transactions conducted through PayPal financing and all payment terms and obligations are solely with PayPal. Please contact PayPal for terms and conditions when using their payment plans.



  • A FULL refund of the Buyer’s down payment for services will ONLY be issued if the service is cancelled within five (5) business days of the Buyer’s initial down payment. In such event, we shall provide Buyer a refund for the total down payment, minus any processing fees occurred during the initial transaction. No refunds on processing fees or other third-party financial obligations do to the transaction. The remaining balance will be refunded to the card on file.

  • Any cancellation of services requested after the fifth (5th) business day will receive a 50% refund of the initial down payment. 

  • Any cancellations made after the tenth (10) business day, Buyer agrees to forfeit any down payments made.

  • Any cancellation of services after completion is considered a final sale and no refunds will be granted.

  • Any cancellations with third-party services, such as WIX, are between the Buyer and the third-party service provider. OPK Solutions does not facilitate or help with product and services provided by third-parties.