Full Service EPK

We Set Up & We Manage

 Product & Service Details

OPK Solutions will set up the following:

Hosting and Account Setup
  • No Hosting Fees

  • No Domain Fees

  • 6 Months Free Updates

Plus, Full Service Band EPK Design & Build
  • Mobile Friendly

  • Branded theme & colors​

  • High visual content

  • Full custom design

  • Email Notification Alerts

  • Password protected


The Full Service EPK Package is for the musician who doesn't have time for online development and update management. No worries, we host and create a stunning branded band or artist press kit you can use to directly promote to a variety of music venues, managers, radio stations, and music industry professionals while we take care of the maintenance and update management back stage.

Includes 6 months of free updates. After 6 months, we provide hired assistance to manage and update your press kit when needed.

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